American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Emergency LED Flashlight, 2 Pack

Brand: Eton

Color: Blackout Buddy 2-Pack


  • Lights up automatically when there is a power failure eliminating the need to search for a flashlight in the dark
  • Fold-up prongs to use as a flashlight anytime
  • On/off night light option
  • Rechargeable battery powers light for 4 hours
  • Compact, slim design to keep in an electrical socket for constant charging

Publisher: Eton

Warranty: Comes with Manufacturer Warranty.

Details: Eton Corporation makes some of the most recognized and highly regarded emergency radios in the industry and continues the tradition of award winning design by introducing the American Red Cross Blackout Buddy 2 pack. This new flashlight plugs into any open outlet for easy accessibility and is a culmination of Eton's experience in creating quality products that are ready to use when you need it most. When there is a Blackout, rest assured that the Blackout Buddy will automatically turn on, shining your way through any room or dark hallway. It's always there when you need it too, because you will know where to find it. But that's not all it does. Use it as a flashlight or even a night light. The Blackout Buddy is perfect for kids rooms giving them the comfort and security of knowing they aren't alone in the dark.

UPC: 881110025202

EAN: 0803982757449