Cooler Shock Reusable Freeze Packs

Brand: Cooler Shock

Color: Silver


  • Better than Ice - 2 lb. mid-size gel pack makes items in cooler slushy cold (1/2 size of large pack)
  • Reusable - Click the blue "CoolerShock" at top of this page to see all versions
  • Accelerates cooling with burst cooling at 18 degrees - 8 mil thick flexible 3-layer purpose built pack rapidly transfers energy - Fully reusable
  • Ships with CS dry mix, you hydrate and save. 2lbs gelled - simple instructions or see our website video Made in USA with Non-toxic ingredients, child safe. Lasts up to 48 hours depending on use
  • Great reviews, tell me about the bad reviews. What if I'm not happy? What about warranty? Full details below in the description section

Publisher: GenTap

Warranty: 1 year 100% money back garuntee

Details: Non-Hazardous cooler gel pack out performs ice and other gel packs. Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, these packs have as much energy as a freezer! Packs are designed to phase-change at 18 degrees (go from solid to liquid). This releases the largest amount of energy at freezer temperatures to get your food and beverages cold quickly. Put them in the freezer for 12-24 hours (depending of you stack them) and you will have portable cooling power that actually accelerates cooling CoolerShock is shipped to you dry. Simply add water, zip it closed and permanently seal with an iron or screw the cap on. Easy instructions included and video at CoolerShock web site. Pack turns to gel in 15 minutes. It lasts all day (24 hours) in size matched coolers listed at our website. Great for fishing, boating, parties and tailgating. Add room temperature drinks to your cooler and drink them at near freezing temperatures a few hours later. Drinks should not be left in direct contact with ice packs for a prolonged period as they can freeze. Great reviews, what about the bad reviews? All ice packs have a limited life span depending on the number of times you freeze them. They all eventually split from the freeze thaw process. Cooler Shock pays for itself in about 5 uses (ice you didn't buy). Cooler Shock can cycle (freeze-thaw) 80 to 300 times, depending on if they are getting knocked around a lot while frozen, or if they are mixed in with sharp objects. Some users use them every day. That is a lot of cycling! For such constant use, we added the 8 mil Sport clear bags as an accessory. This helps with commercial use as well. We also recognized that we could do better so in 2018 we converted all of our bags to the 8 mil nylon coated type. We increased durability 50%. Our 1-year guarantee - If you have any issues at all, contact us directly for free replacements. We are easy to find, and we are very responsive. Details are on our website at

UPC: 854850006206

EAN: 0854850006206