Jwxstore J0416001 Tourniquet Tactical Emergency Outdoors Spinning Military One-Handed Medical First Aid Equipment, Black, 2 Piece

Brand: Jwxstore

Color: Black-2pack


  • Military use of tourniquets, safe and reliable!
  • Color: Black, Material: Polyester, Product Size: 3.8 x 95cm.
  • Apply to emergency, Waiting for the rescue! Bring time to save lives!
  • Snap-lock buckle design, non-latex, small and cost effective, one hand operation, fast and practical.
  • Applicable to arms, thighs and so on; Flexible, universal fit, Can be used again after disinfection

Publisher: Jwxstore


Jwxstore Tourniquet is a defender of life.

Safe, Reliable, Effective.

According to statistics, Jwxstore Tourniquet can be effective in terms of stopping arterial blood flow and saving lives in the shortest application time.

Lightweight and Compact

Cherish ourselves, cherish friends, cherish our lover, please select Jwxstore. Jwxstore Tourniquet make your life steps more farther.


With 100% lifetime warranty! In case it was damaged during shipping, contact us, we will reship you a new one the next business day!

Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Product Size: 3.8 x 95cm

Product Features:

Cat tourniquet, spin tournament tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet, one hand operation, fast and practical, accidental scratches, cut, hemostasis effect. The tourniquet uses a durable winch system that has a free-moving inner band that provides true round pressure to the lower limbs.


1. The one-handed tourniquet,
2. Experience with conventional and special combat forces is 100% effective in blocking blood flow in both upper limbs and lower extremities
3. Can be applied by the senior first responders or applications
4. Rapid control of life-threatening end of bleeding
5. Velcro medical hemostatic belt design in a variety of weather conditions
6. Buckle design, non-latex, small and cost effective
7. Military applications, medical assistance, tactics
8. Arterial bleeding / blood collection
9. Easy to clean and reusable

Packing details:

2 x tourniquet, 2 x English manual

EAN: 6928647231240

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches