Portable Emergency Escape Chain Ladder

Brand: Res-Q-ladder


  • Portable; no installation necessary
  • Tested to support over 1000 lbs.
  • Designed to fit standard windowsill
  • Easy to install or remove standoffs provide added stability for every rung while allowing flexibility to avoid a variety of wall obstructions or hazards
  • 100% Made in USA

Publisher: Bold Industries

Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Details: FL-15-SL Sleeves: With Sleeves Features: -Includes standoffs on every 3rd heavy duty grooved rung. -With sleeves includes plastic sleeves covering the chain. -Made in the USA. Product Type: -Escape ladder. Color: -Red and white. Folding: -Yes. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Number of Steps: -12. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -15 Feet. Sleeves With Sleeves - Overall Product Weight: -14.55 lbs. Sleeves Without Sleeves - Overall Product Weight: -14.5 lbs.Designed for use from the upper stories of most houses, apartments, condos, and office buildings, the ResQLadder with Sleeves can help you quickly and safely exit a fire or other life-threatening emergency. This portable industrial-strength ladder with sleeves requires no assembly and arrives ready to go in a corrugated storage box.


The ResQLadder with Sleeves
At a Glance:
  • Tested to withstand over 1,000 pounds
  • Plastic sleeves for added comfort
  • Fits walls up to 10-inches thick
  • Parachute loaded; deploys quickly for emergencies
  • Additional standoffs for custom placement and increased stability

Tested to withstand over 1,000 pounds; multiple family members can descend together. View larger.
Emergency Escape Ladder for Your Home or Business
When every second matters, the ResQLadder with Sleeves gives you a safe means of escaping your home or business if all other exits are unavailable. Made in the USA with strong, 18/20-gauge steel hooks and rungs and a 2/0 double-loop chain, this ladder has been tension tested to over 1,000 pounds. This means more than one person--up to an entire family--can descend at the same time.

To read and download a comprehensive fire-safety plan, click here.

Plastic Sleeves Enhance Comfort
The ResQLadder with Sleeves features a durable plastic encasing over its chains, a system that helps the user achieve a comfortable grip. These sleeves are the perfect feature for children, as well as anyone who may be more sensitive to handling bare chains.

Deploys Quickly and Easily
Because it's parachute-loaded at the factory, the ResQLadder with Sleeves arrives ready for use in the event of an emergency. It deploys quickly from its corrugated storage case, and it easily hooks over any standard window sill.

Customizable Standoffs for Stability
The ResQLadder with Sleeves arrives with both pre-installed standoffs and additional customizable standoffs. For special wall conditions, like a lower glass window or an obstruction beneath the exit window, the additional standoffs can be specially placed for increased stability. To install standoffs, just hang your ladder out the window and select the best rung for installation, avoiding windows and other obstructions. Take down the ladder and install the standoffs with the screws provided.

The ResQLadder with Sleeves is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

About Bold Industries: Dedicated to Emergency Safety
Located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Bold Industries manufactures quality safety products and provides information to help consumers prepare for unexpected emergencies. As each ladder comes off the production line, it is carefully inspected and packaged by dedicated workers who value the safety of American families. Bold Industries manufactures its products exclusively in the United States.

What's in the Box
ResQLadder with Sleeves; corrugated box; box handle; standoffs; fire-safety planner; and instructions.


Find the Escape Ladder that is Right for You
ResQLadder 12-Foot ResQLadder 12-Foot with Sleeves
18/20-gauge steel and 2/0 double-loop chain; 12-feet in length
Ideal for homes and private residences
(Longer, Stronger)
ResQLadder 15-Foot ResQLadder 15-Foot with Sleeves
18/20-gauge steel and 2/0 double-loop chain; 15-feet in length
Ideal for homes and private residences
ResQLadder 25-Foot ResQLadder 25-Foot with Sleeves
18/20-gauge steel and 2/0 double-loop chain; 25-feet in length
Ideal for homes and private residences
ResQLadder 35-Foot ResQLadder 35-Foot with Sleeves
18/20-gauge steel and 2/0 double-loop chain; 35-feet in length
Ideal for commercial and office buildings
Fifth & Sixth
ResQLadder 50-Foot ResQLadder 50-Foot with Sleeves
18/20-gauge steel and 2/0 double-loop chain; 50-feet in length
Ideal for commercial and office buildings

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