What Our Customers Say

  • "This is all you will ever need! "
    - Jordyn
  • "You can’t imagine how much this has empowered us to get after it!"
    - Anne
  • "This is an outstanding product for all of us who want to be prepared for natural disasters. "
    - Mary
  • "WOW! I am just amazed by this product! When I opened the Box for the first time, I had no idea that it would be so thoughtfully organized and easy to use."
    - Colleen
  • "Favorite items are the deck and the guidebook."
    - Martha
  • "The accessories and the disaster deck are genius. I think what you guys have done is exemplary and well thought out."
    - Tami
  • "Terra Frma is an excellent jump start to make things much less difficult when an event actually does takes place."
    - Jim
  • "The accessories and the disaster deck are genius. I think what you guys have done is exemplary and well thought out."
    - Tami
  • "We immediately used the Guidebook to make our kits, get water and figure out how to evacuate if we are ever told to leave. I made sure I went through all of the Wildfire prep sections again to be sure we're covered. I highly recommend this product. Highly!"
    - Lisa
  • "We know how real this threat is. It's a big mistake to ignore it. But getting prepared was becoming a big pain. It was pretty overwhelming to try and take it on being a novice. But this Grab and Go box that sits on my kitchen shelf is a life-saver!"
    - Karen
  • "We live on the other side of the river from where we work and that's problem. A co-worker told me she'd heard about this and was buying one. Glad we did. My wife has done a ton to prepare already and I'm about to follow suit. Thanks, guys."
    - Kevin
  • " I cannot recommend The Grab and Go box enough. So worth the price. I mean isn't life worth the price?"
    - Joelle

What It Is

Everything you need to prepare, react, evacuate and recover 

Also included are your accessories

Why It Works

  • Psychology We use psychology and life coaching skills to help you get prepared.
  • Guided We guide you through every step by using checklists, color coding, symbols, visual aides and reminders.

Why We're Different

  • GEAR ISN'T ENOUGH You also need clear, simple steps for preparing, critical steps for reacting and caring guidance while recovering.
  • TRUSTED Disaster experts, first responders, life coaches, trauma therapists and disaster survivors into one simple system.
  • WELLNESS Our products include Be Well checklists to guide you and your family toward calm, confidence and the ability to problem solve during an emergency.


  • Grab + Go Box

Grab + Go Box

  • $98.00