GRAB + GO BOX: The Holistic Disaster Preparedness Kit

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Grab + Go Box - Because Gear Alone Is Not Enough

Everything inside this disaster preparedness kit is designed to help you, your family, your home, and neighborhood prepare, evacuate and recover from any natural disaster emergency:

  • A simple, step-by-step guidebook that takes you through the process of preparation and recovery in a disaster or pandemic.
  • Developed with help from first responders, disaster and resilience experts, and trauma therapists.
  • Action plans for teaching your family how to stay safe adapting, evacuating, and being well during and after any disaster.
  • A pocket-sized disaster deck of color-coded instructional cards that include steps to take for any natural disaster.
  • Supplies, such as a cash bag, wristbands, emergency stickers, emergency contact cards, wax pencil, bin labels, and much more.
  • Be ready for wildfire, earthquakes, landslide, flooding, winter storms, hurricanes, and any other natural disaster with Terra Frma’s Grab + Go Box.

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