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Free Disaster Decks for Elementary School Students

Elementary students are sponges, interested in the world around them and engaged in talking about what they're learning. They're learning about geology and how the planet works, which makes for a perfect time to introduce them and their families to the Disaster Deck.


First Responder Trauma Recovery Programs

First responders are regularly exposed to traumatic events throughout their career. Over time, post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) can result. When it does, symptoms may arise: flashbacks and sleep issues, hopelessness, worry, guilt or anger, anxiousness, startling easily, problems with food, alcohol or drugs, or an avoidance of people and experiences that are reminders of the trauma. This is normal but also important to treat.

Our first responders deserve support and the opportunity to recover so they can choose to return to work or retire, free from the burden of their stress.

We donate to programs that offer focuses such as Cognitive Processing/Behavioral Therapy, Shame Resiliency, Psychodrama, EMDRInternal Family Systems, meditation and mindfulness, Mind Body Bridging, Somatic Experiencing, grief therapy, life coaching, family support and more.