• Before the Next Disaster Hits: Know the Safest Place to Be During an Earthquake

    Earthquakes can be frightening as they strike with little to no warning. Depending on the intensity of the shaking, sometimes these natural disasters can be destructive, while other times we hardly notice them.  Knowing what to do and where to be when an earthquake occurs can make the experience... View Post
  • Shattering Earthquake Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

    Earthquakes are one of the most unpredictable and destructive natural disasters, and although seismologists have studied them extensively, there is still a lot of confusion and false information around them.  This article will separate fact from fiction in 8 commonly believed earthquake myths to... View Post
  • How to Get Earthquake-Ready: Prepare Your Home For An Earthquake

    Earthquakes happen unexpectedly and can occur in any part of the US. These natural hazard events create ground shaking and can cause objects to fall and break, damaging your home and injuring the people inside.  States in the western part of the US, near the divide of the North American and Paci... View Post
  • When's the Next Big Earthquake in California?

    California is famous for beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and vibrant cultural life. However, this region is also renowned for frequent earthquakes.  What’s the reason behind such seismic activity, and when's the next big earthquake in California? Read ahead to find out! What Causes Earthqu... View Post
  • How to Create an Earthquake Preparedness Plan for Family Use

    If you want to be prepared for a natural disaster and you live in a zone with high seismic activity, it is essential to ensure that your home is as shakeproof as possible, you keep a kit with all the survival essentials at hand, and you have an earthquake preparedness plan for family use. The ab... View Post
  • Where to Store Your Earthquake Kit - Best Practices

    For people living in areas with a seismic hazard, it is vital to stay prepared at all times and be able to evacuate at a minute’s notice. For this reason, an emergency bag or kit is an absolute must for every household in a high-risk zone.  Keep in mind that in most cases, you will shelter in pla... View Post

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