• How to Prepare for a Power Outage in Winter

    We sometimes forget how much we rely on electricity–until we no longer have it.  Heavy snow, ice, and strong winds from winter storms and blizzards can damage power lines, sometimes leaving us without power for days. Winter power outages mean no heat and no hot water, on top of not being able to ... View Post
  • Driving In A Snowstorm: What To Do If You Get Stranded In The Car

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  • Useful Power Outage Tips and Tricks for Families with Kids

    Power outages can be especially tricky if you have small children. Losing electricity can be an inconvenience for you and frightening for kids. Plus, no power means no screens or Internet, so you’ll want to prepare activities to keep your youngsters occupied. This article will give power outage ... View Post
  • Heat Wave Safety: Before, During, and After the Event

    Extended periods of heat are dangerous for people of all ages, as they can lead to severe symptoms. The consequences of staying outside for too long during extremely hot weather include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Such emergencies can even be lethal. For instance, in 2021, a re... View Post
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    Tornadoes are horns of rapidly circling air reaching up to 318 mph. Every US state has had a tornado registered, meaning that there’s no area that is completely safe from this natural disaster. That’s why it’s essential to develop a preparedness plan regardless of the area in which you reside. Th... View Post