Power Outage

  • How to Prepare for a Long-Term Power Outage

    Power outages are never fun, especially when they’re expected to last for a number of days or, sometimes, even weeks. In some cases, you may have an advanced warning of a long-term power outage, while other times, it happens unexpectedly. Either way, by reading this article, you’ll have a better... View Post
  • How to Prepare for a Power Outage in Winter

    We sometimes forget how much we rely on electricity–until we no longer have it.  Heavy snow, ice, and strong winds from winter storms and blizzards can damage power lines, sometimes leaving us without power for days. Winter power outages mean no heat and no hot water, on top of not being able to ... View Post
  • Useful Power Outage Tips and Tricks for Families with Kids

    Power outages can be especially tricky if you have small children. Losing electricity can be an inconvenience for you and frightening for kids. Plus, no power means no screens or Internet, so you’ll want to prepare activities to keep your youngsters occupied. This article will give power outage ... View Post
  • Major Power Outage Cases - Biggest Blackouts in US History

    America’s electric grid consists of over 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, supplying millions of customers across the country. Since we use electricity every day, it’s easy to take it for granted, but there are times when people get cut off from this valuable resource. While blac... View Post

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