• How to Get Earthquake-Ready: Prepare Your Home For An Earthquake

    Earthquakes happen unexpectedly and can occur in any part of the US. These natural hazard events create ground shaking and can cause objects to fall and break, damaging your home and injuring the people inside.  States in the western part of the US, near the divide of the North American and Paci... View Post
  • Preparing for a Wildfire: Pre-Evacuation Plan

    With the summer heat and dryness comes the wildfire season. Wildfires are breaking out across the US and countries around the world. If you’re in an area that is anticipating a wildfire, get prepared early using a pre-evacuation plan.  Please note that once your area issues an evacuation order, ... View Post
  • Do Emergency Food Rations Expire? Shelf Life Guidelines for Your Emergency Kit

    Emergency rations, just like any other food, have an expiration date. Depending on the product and its packaging, some may last longer than others. Therefore, it’s important to note the expiration dates of the items in your emergency kits and regularly replace items as they expire.  In many case... View Post
  • Fire Resistant Landscaping: How to Protect Your Home from a Wildfire

    With wildfires on the rise, many places are beginning to look for ways to protect properties from destruction. One practice that is becoming increasingly popular in some towns and mandatory in places like Marin County, California, is fire-resistant landscaping.  Fire-resistant landscaping, also ... View Post
  • Guidebook on How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

    A natural disaster preparedness plan consists of the steps a business owner must take before, during, and after a disaster. The plan describes a system for preventing data loss and sets guidelines for recovering from a disaster. Does your business have a natural disaster preparedness plan? Why ... View Post
  • Heat Wave Safety: Before, During, and After the Event

    Extended periods of heat are dangerous for people of all ages, as they can lead to severe symptoms. The consequences of staying outside for too long during extremely hot weather include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Such emergencies can even be lethal. For instance, in 2021, a re... View Post

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