• Everything You Need to Know about SOS Food Bars

    SOS food bars are the first line of nutrition to be included in survival kits. If you’re currently looking for a reliable emergency meal manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place.  Here, we will explain how SOS rations are different from regular food bars and review the best options available ... View Post
  • When's the Next Big Earthquake in California?

    California is famous for beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and vibrant cultural life. However, this region is also renowned for frequent earthquakes.  What’s the reason behind such seismic activity, and when's the next big earthquake in California? Read ahead to find out! What Causes Earthqu... View Post
  • How to Create an Earthquake Preparedness Plan for Family Use

    If you want to be prepared for a natural disaster and you live in a zone with high seismic activity, it is essential to ensure that your home is as shakeproof as possible, you keep a kit with all the survival essentials at hand, and you have an earthquake preparedness plan for family use. The ab... View Post
  • Where to Store Your Earthquake Kit - Best Practices

    For people living in areas with a seismic hazard, it is vital to stay prepared at all times and be able to evacuate at a minute’s notice. For this reason, an emergency bag or kit is an absolute must for every household in a high-risk zone.  Keep in mind that in most cases, you will shelter in pla... View Post
  • Earthquake Kit List for School - Complete Overview of Essentials

    Earthquakes are currently considered to be the deadliest of natural disasters. Thus, if your child goes to school in an area that has a high seismic hazard level, it is only normal to be concerned about their preparedness for this type of calamity.  Luckily, you can lessen these worries by educat... View Post
  • 5-Minute House Fire Evacuation Checklist: a Detailed Action Plan

    When a building is on fire, it is extremely difficult to assess the level of threat and improvise a logical plan of action. Knowing what to do and which mistakes to avoid in such an extreme situation is the key to safety. Read this fire evacuation checklist to understand how to escape when every ... View Post

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