• Alternative Heat Sources: Practicing Heat Redundancy in Your Home

    How many sources of heat do you have in your home? If you’re in a colder climate, we hope your answer is more than one!  Those who live in cold places should always have alternative heat sources in their homes. Power outages, utility cutoffs, or breakdowns in your primary heating system can happ... View Post
  • Rediscovering your Motivation

    There are those days, weeks and sometimes even months when we just don’t feel motivated. This is especially true for preparedness. Whether you feel like you are just going through the motions each day or you’ve been trying to find enthusiasm for preparedness, we are here to help you regain the en... View Post
  • Types of Winter Storms and How to Prepare for Them

    If cold weather isn’t a rare occasion in the region where you live, you are likely to have witnessed heavy snowfall. While it can look beautiful, some types of winter storms impose risks you should be aware of.  Read ahead to find out what winter storms are, why they can be dangerous, and how to ... View Post
  • Planning Using Smart Travel Tips

    It's time for a trip! Private Browsing for Savings If you are using a website to find flights, consider browsing on an incognito window. Flights are typically cheaper when you search on a private browser. Why? These sites use cookies to track what trips you are frequently searching, and will ... View Post
  • How to Get Earthquake-Ready: Prepare Your Home For An Earthquake

    Earthquakes happen unexpectedly and can occur in any part of the US. These natural hazard events create ground shaking and can cause objects to fall and break, damaging your home and injuring the people inside.  States in the western part of the US, near the divide of the North American and Paci... View Post
  • Preparing for a Wildfire: Pre-Evacuation Plan

    With the summer heat and dryness comes the wildfire season. Wildfires are breaking out across the US and countries around the world. If you’re in an area that is anticipating a wildfire, get prepared early using a pre-evacuation plan.  Please note that once your area issues an evacuation order, ... View Post

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