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  • Wildfire Safety: How to Protect Yourself from Bad Air Quality & Smoke

    In recent weeks, cities across the northeastern United States have faced the effects of smoke and poor air quality. As wildfires rage in Canada, the smoke has lingered into states like New York and New Jersey, forcing many people to stay indoors. Though you can’t control the effects of a wildfir... View Post
  • Do Emergency Food Rations Expire? Shelf Life Guidelines for Your Emergency Kit

    Emergency rations, just like any other food, have an expiration date. Depending on the product and its packaging, some may last longer than others. Therefore, it’s important to note the expiration dates of the items in your emergency kits and regularly replace items as they expire.  In many case... View Post
  • Creating and Maintaining an Emergency Water Supply

    Depending on the degree of severity of a natural disaster, it’s possible that some households or even whole communities are cut off from potable water. At times, people remain without their regular water supply for days or even weeks, so it’s vital to think this possibility through and prepare fo... View Post
  • 5-Minute House Fire Evacuation Checklist: a Detailed Action Plan

    When a building is on fire, it is extremely difficult to assess the level of threat and improvise a logical plan of action. Knowing what to do and which mistakes to avoid in such an extreme situation is the key to safety. Read this fire evacuation checklist to understand how to escape when every ... View Post

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