• Preparing for a Wildfire: Pre-Evacuation Plan

    With the summer heat and dryness comes the wildfire season. Wildfires are breaking out across the US and countries around the world. If you’re in an area that is anticipating a wildfire or notice any wildfire warning signs, get prepared early using a pre-evacuation plan.  Please note that once y... View Post
  • Fire Resistant Landscaping: How to Protect Your Home from a Wildfire

    With wildfires on the rise, many places are beginning to look for ways to protect properties from destruction. One practice that is becoming increasingly popular in some towns and mandatory in places like Marin County, California, is fire-resistant landscaping.  Fire-resistant landscaping, also ... View Post
  • Wildfire Aftermath: Natural Disaster Consequences

    Wildland fire in action is a scary scene to witness and an extremely dangerous natural hazard. But did you know that the influence of such an emergency persists for extended periods even after the flames are put out?  Find out everything you need to know about wildfire aftermath and approaches t... View Post
  • Disaster Preparedness Tips: Wildland Fire Behavior Explained

    While it's not always possible to predict the precise trigger or spark for a wildfire, its risk can be estimated to some extent when one understands the patterns it follows. The term “wildland fire behavior” describes how fuel ignites, flame develops, and fire spreads, as well as common factors ... View Post
  • Definitive Guide to Building a Wildfire-Proof House

    A lot of people start researching the topic of wildfires when creating defensible space around their homes. However, true natural disaster preparedness starts at the point when the house is being constructed. The guide below contains detailed information for those who are looking for ways to buil... View Post
  • Wildfire Preparedness: Creating Defensible Space

    In areas susceptible to wildfires, it’s essential to take all the possible precautions to mitigate the risks associated with this natural disaster. Apart from educating oneself on the forest fire warning signs and developing an evacuation plan, another fundamental wildfire preparedness measure is... View Post

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