1 Feeling and 2 Thoughts Preventing You From Preparing

Disaster preparation is often type-casted as too extreme or too much work. The first steps can feel intimidating or overwhelming. When you know natural disasters have or could occur in your area, where do you start? 

Terra Frma understands these feelings of resistance. We have built our entire system based on understanding feelings of resistance. None of us want to do tasks that make us feel like we might fail, like we might do a poor job, or that we simply don't like doing. The good news is you can learn from these thoughts of pessimism and feelings of uncertainty. We can all learn to push through resistance. Here's how we recommend working through these particular hurdles: 

I feel pessimistic

Some of us are pessimistic that a disaster or emergency will ever actually happen. Life throws these emergencies at what seems to be very few of us. If pessimism is present for you, take a look at what’s really going on. You're playing the odds. But you already know you won't want to have placed the wrong bet if a disaster actually strikes. Why not increase your chances of survival? Pessimism can be good but be sure it isn't preventing you from taking a step forward.

Terra Frma Grab and Go Box and Disaster Deck displayed

I think this will be difficult

Most challenging things can seem too difficult at first until you figure them out. This is your moment to consider whether ordering the Grab + Go Box or something else will be a step toward lightning that load and cresting that hill. Make one choice today about a step you're willing to take. The path will become clearer.

I'm confused

Yeah, we were, too. Disaster preparedness offers a heap of information that can be daunting and confusing. We've worked hard to try and make the process simple and clear. If you've ordered a Grab + Go Box, rest easy knowing that we've done the work for you. It's your time to get clear and prepared.

Terra Frma Action Plans explain what to do during any natural disaster in real time

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