Planning Using Smart Travel Tips

It's time for a trip!

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Private Browsing for Savings

If you are using a website to find flights, consider browsing on an incognito window. Flights are typically cheaper when you search on a private browser. Why? These sites use cookies to track what trips you are frequently searching, and will intentionally change the prices based on your search history.

Get The Best Deals

You can “track” certain dates for trips and receive real-time notifications when the price drops or changes. Skyscanner and Hopper are our favorites. Google Flights can also show you the cheapest days to fly, but they don’t always include all of the available airlines.

Travel Safely

Our team chooses to pack the Grab + Go Box since it's small and has everything we'd need for any disaster potential in the entire US. The Disaster Deck is critical. Before you head out, make sure you understand any of the potential risks. For instance, you may prefer to stay outside of the tsunami zone when visiting the west coast. 

Book Directly

A lot of airlines, especially budget airlines, have hidden fees when you don’t book directly through them. Third-party sites are great for scoping out deals, but when you find a ticket, go onto the airline’s official page to book. Third-party sites don’t always disclose everything about that airline, which is why so many people feel blindsided at the check-in counter.

Travel fearlessly, friends!


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