Top 10 Gifts for Preppers

Prepper preparing his emergency bag

Shopping for preppers is challenging because the typical flower-scented lotions and fuzzy socks won’t suffice. Instead, it’s better to get them something useful (think: items for a survival kit and emergency equipment).

Whether gift shopping for the winter holidays, a birthday, Valentine's Day, or some other occasion, here's a list of exciting gift ideas for any prepper in your life

What is a Prepper?

A prepper actively prepares for future catastrophic events, natural disasters, or emergencies. They typically stockpile food, emergency gear, and other supplies that may increase their chances of survival in these life-threatening situations.

Best Gifts for Preppers

In this section, we will provide you with the top 10 gifts for preppers, so you can get a headstart on your holiday shopping and make those presents meaningful. 

1. First Aid Kit

Every prepper needs a complete first aid kit. First aid kits have expiration dates, so even if your prepper already has one, it may be time to replace it. Skip the bulky hard case kits, and purchase one that’s soft-shelled and compact. 

The first aid kit should be portable and easy to add to the rest of their emergency kit. Here’s a list of items their kit should include. 

There’s quite a range in prices when purchasing first aid supplies, so consider how much you’re willing to spend and go from there. 

2. Emergency Food Storage Items

Your prepper likely already has an emergency food supply they’ve been building. However, similar to the first aid kits, these items have expiration dates. And yes, even “non-perishable” food items have “best-by” dates. 

While some of these items won’t become unsafe to eat, they will start to lose flavor. Nevertheless, getting your prepper a few new food items they can add to their kit is always a good idea.

You can buy them some emergency food rations specifically designed to have a long shelf life. Here are some ideas for food rations

3. Portable Water Filter

Child using LifeStraw Portable Water Filter to drink from stream

When natural hazards or human-made disasters occur, potable water loss is possible. Preppers probably already have a stash of bottled water in case of this situation; however, a water filter would be another valuable item for them to have. 

The ability to filter water is essential in ensuring you always have access to drinking water. Consider getting your prepper a water filtration system or, even better, a portable water filtration system this holiday season. Prices vary, but some good options are:

4. Multi-tool

Another practical, life-changing gift for a prepper is an outdoor multi-tool they can use in survival situations. A multi-tool allows you to carry the entire toolbox in just one compact, multi-function tool. 

Watch your prepper’s face light up with excitement as they unwrap a reliable multi-tool this holiday season. Prices range from around $15 to upwards of $200. Leatherman is a reputable brand in the higher price range to check out. Another cheaper option is this multi-tool.

5. Grab + Go Box

Terra Frma Grab and Go Box makes a great gift for preppers

Preppers, as the name hints, love to be prepared for anything. The Grab + Go Box helps you get ready for all natural disasters. 

It’s a disaster preparedness kit to help you, your family, your home, and neighborhood prepare, evacuate, and recover from any natural disaster.

Get your prepper a Grab + Go Box for the next holiday or special occasion; chances are they will start flipping through it immediately. 

6. Fire Starter

Preppers want the ability to act quickly in any emergency. Starting a fire can be time-consuming, and matches and lighters can be unreliable. Gifting your prepper a flint and steel fire-starter tool would change their survival game. 

These fire-starter tools are compact and last for years! Check out the überleben Hexå Fire Starter.

7. Portable Solar Charger

Portable solar charger with flashlight

Charging devices anywhere using solar power is an absolute must in emergency situations. Electricity is usually one of the first utilities to go out, so having an alternative charging option is critical. 

A portable solar charger would be the perfect gift for your prepper. Hundreds of options are available, depending on size, power, and complexity.

Here’s an option for a portable solar charger that’s also a flashlight.

8. Emergency Radio

There are several options for emergency radios. The main differences are in the charging methods (i.e., solar, hand-crank, USB, batteries) and additional features (i.e., flashlight, portable charger for phone).

We recommend getting your prepper an emergency radio that can be charged multiple ways. It also wouldn’t hurt to get one that can serve other purposes, like being used as a flashlight. 

The Emergency Crank Weather Radio can be charged using solar power, hand-crank, batteries, and plug-in. It’s also a flashlight and phone charger. 

9. Emergency Sleeping Bag and Blanket

Delmera emergency sleeping bag

Preppers love small items that can be easily packed and used in emergencies. For example, a compact but heavy-duty emergency sleeping bag and blanket make a great stocking stuffer for your prepper. 

We recommend the Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag or the Timok Emergency Sleeping Bag.

10. Survival Books

Survival books are great gifts for preppers who are also avid readers and those who aren’t preppers (yet). Survival books are very informative and can also be entertaining. 

Here are some of our recommendations:

These gifts would be a great addition to your prepper’s survival gear collection. Many of these gifts are excellent ideas for people who aren’t preppers. Disasters happen all the time, everywhere, so you never know when one of these items may come in handy.
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