• Your Guide to Choosing an Emergency Communication System for Disaster Events

    Emergency events like natural disasters can impede communication (think: dead cell phones during a power outage or loss of Internet during a storm). As a result, having an alternative way to communicate with others during an emergency situation is essential.  Whether you need to receive updates ... View Post
  • Florida Flooding: Flood Risk & Mitigation Efforts in Cities like Miami

    With the recent impacts of Hurricanes Ian and Nicole, there are rising concerns about flooding in Florida. Florida’s east and west coasts and inland cities saw immense flooring due to these storms. In addition to flooding brought by natural disasters, sea levels are expected to rise anywhere fro... View Post
  • Energy-Efficient Heating: The Cheapest Way To Heat A Home

    Heating a home is expensive; though, you probably already know this after seeing your December bills. Heat accounts for the largest portion of the utility bill in many homes, around 30 percent, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).  There are many ways to cut heating costs, like wearin... View Post
  • Alternative Heat Sources: Practicing Heat Redundancy in Your Home

    How many sources of heat do you have in your home? If you’re in a colder climate, we hope your answer is more than one!  Those who live in cold places should always have alternative heat sources in their homes. Power outages, utility cutoffs, or breakdowns in your primary heating system can happ... View Post
  • Why Are Habits Important? Habit Building, Types, and Benefits

    The start of a new year brings all this New Year’s resolution talk. Many people don’t realize that waiting until a new year to start or stop doing something has no logic involved and can lead to failure more often than not. This failure occurs because these resolutions are often built around pro... View Post
  • Hawaii Eruption 2022: Advice on Traveling to an Area with Volcanic Activity

    The world’s largest volcano, the Mauna Loa in Hawaii, started erupting on November 27, 2022. The eruption continued for almost two weeks and ended on December 9. As a result, what was usually a slow period for Hawaiian businesses ended up busier than expected.  People from all over flocked to th... View Post