• Fire Resistant Landscaping: How to Protect Your Home from a Wildfire

    With wildfires on the rise, many places are beginning to look for ways to protect properties from destruction. One practice that is becoming increasingly popular in some towns and mandatory in places like Marin County, California, is fire-resistant landscaping.  Fire-resistant landscaping, also ... View Post
  • Guidebook on How to Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

    A natural disaster preparedness plan consists of the steps a business owner must take before, during, and after a disaster. The plan describes a system for preventing data loss and sets guidelines for recovering from a disaster. Does your business have a natural disaster preparedness plan? Why ... View Post
  • Useful Power Outage Tips and Tricks for Families with Kids

    Power outages can be especially tricky if you have small children. Losing electricity can be an inconvenience for you and frightening for kids. Plus, no power means no screens or Internet, so you’ll want to prepare activities to keep your youngsters occupied. This article will give power outage ... View Post
  • What are the States with the Least Natural Disasters?

    Last year 97 natural disasters occurred in the United States. Natural disasters are adverse events that take place, leaving damage, destruction, and loss of lives. Natural hazards such as hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, wildfires, floods, or earthquakes, provoke natural disasters. The cause... View Post
  • Wildfire Aftermath: Natural Disaster Consequences

    Wildland fire in action is a scary scene to witness and an extremely dangerous natural hazard. But did you know that the influence of such an emergency persists for extended periods even after the flames are put out?  Find out everything you need to know about wildfire aftermath and approaches t... View Post
  • Natural Hazard Vs. Natural Disaster - What’s the Difference?

    While the terms natural hazard Vs. natural disaster are often used interchangeably, they don’t mean exactly the same. If you are interested in learning more about disaster preparedness and gaining a deeper understanding of these events, this guide is for you.  Read ahead to find out the terms’ d... View Post

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